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The Third edition of UDADA Film Festival will be held from the 16th – 21st October 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya.

This year’s theme is:


• Animation films by Ngendo Mukii. Ms. Mukii is an award-winning Kenyan independent animator. She made a very inspiring presentation of her work to Film and Animation students at the Multimedia University. She held a Q&A session with the students about her two projects.

• Production by Karen Mukwatsi. Ms. Mukwatsi is the festival director of IIFF (International Images Film Festival for Women) The Zimbabwean partners presented their activities to enhance film production in Zimbabwe. They run a screenplay competition and then go on to source for the production funds. These films are then shown at their festival. Afterwards, the films are improved accordingly.

• Film Classification by the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) After the KFCB had presented their work of classifying films, students engaged them about the banning of a certain Kenyan film and there was a very lively debate about classification versus censorship.

• IIFF Mini-Festival is a result of a partnership between UDADA Film Festival and IIFF (Zimbabwe).

• The Spanish Mini-Festival: Thanks to a special night sponsored by the Spanish Embassy, UDADA showcased Spanish films made by women and brought together female photographers and artists.

• The Spanish Embassy also flew in a Spanish actress who presented a very interesting theatrical/filmic installation show.

• UDADA honoured the renowned and popular actress, the Kenyan ‘Mama Kayai’ (Mary Khavere) and awarded the winning films.