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Our Team

Our Team


Matrid Wanja Nyagah

Matrid is a young talented passionate filmaker; with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theatre Arts and Film Production from Kenyatta University.

She has been involved ina number of productions locally as a Director and Producer, she is also a Dance choreographer both traditional and contemporary and she has trained, directed and facilited both National Drama and Music Festival Workshops for Schools and Colleges.

Her most notable works are:

  1. • Director of "Twists of Fate" short film screened at Kenya National Film Festival.
  2. • Assistant Director at M-Net Swahili Magic series, "Parasites"
  3. • Art Director and Location Manager at M-Net feature films, "Love or Die", "Flowers and Bricks"
  4. • Volunteer Dance instructor with Promethian Spark at Kamiti Prisons for a youth Rehabilitation program.
  5. • Director at Ebru Tv Africa short films; Unseen, In-laws, The Needy.


Naomi Mwaura.

Naomi is a champion for women empowerment programs; she has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a Minor in Management and Organization Psychology (Honors) from the United States International University, Kenya. She is the Founder and Managing Director of Flone Initaitive - and organization that works with and cordinates women empowerment programs.

Her most notable recognitions are:

  1. • 29th March 2014: Feature on Standard Newspaper titled "Tiny Frame with giant marks"
  2. • 1st Nov 2013: Nominated as the "Opprtunity Desk Young Person of the Month(November)"
  3. • 26th Aug 2013: Nominated among the "10 under 35 Change makers in Kenya you need to know."
  4. • Campaign titled "Formidable and fearless women who coordinate OBR in Africa."

Wanjiru Kinyanjui.

Wanjiru Kinyajui is arguably the most accomplished women in the Arts and Film industry in Kenya, she is an Academician who has mentored and inspired most budding film directors, actors/actresses and producers in the country and region. She is a director, Screenwriter and Producer and a Lecturer in Filmaking and Animation at Multimedia University of Kenya. She is the Chair of the Film and Broadcasting Department.
She was previously lecturing Filmaking at the Department of Theatre Arts and Film Technology at Kenyatta University. Wanjiru has also published numerous essays, papers and poetry.

Wanjiru acquired her Master of Arts(MA) in English and German Literature at the Technical University in Berlin, Germany and later at the German Academy for Film & Television Berlin (Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin(DFFB)). In 2008, she was admitted to the PhD program at Kenyatta University School of Visual and performing Arts, Department of Theatre Arts and Film.

Her most notable acolades are:

  1. •Organizer and Founding Chair of the 1st-5th edition of the Kenya International Film Festival.
  2. •M-net African Nominee for the film "Battle of the sacred tree"
  3. •Black International Cinema Award for the film "De Kranke Vogel", Berlin.
  4. •Black Filmakers Hall of Fame Award for Best Foreign Film in California, USA.
  5. •OCIC Award for the "Battle of the sacred tree", Milan, Italy.
  6. •Best Sound/Music Track for "Battle of the sacred tree" at Cineweek, Kenya